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Greek Life: Everything You Need to Show Off Your New Fraternity or Sorority

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 11/16/2017

Starting now, Tassel Depot currently has exclusive deals for the holiday season on Greek life products for all your brothers and sisters to appreciate. 

Featured Products for the Holiday Season

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 11/8/2017

The holiday season is among us once again. So, what can you do this year to top your holiday decorations from seasons past? A little help from our Featured products for the holiday season is a great place to start.  

Custom Graduation Ornaments

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 10/24/2017
The holiday season is here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than gifting someone with a present that keeps on giving year after year. Custom graduation ornaments are the perfect holiday season gift for anyone!

DIY Halloween Tassel Banner

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 10/19/2017
October is here and it is time to get your house ready for all those ghouls and goblins who are coming to visit on October 31st. Everyone can use some assistance with the preparations for their Halloween party, so here’s a fun DIY Halloween Banner anyone can make! Tassel Banners are very simple to construct but can add some flare anywhere around the house.

Tassels for the Perfect Tailgate

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 9/19/2017
 Tailgate season is here. You have your grill, your food, and your choice of beverage, but how can you tie these together? At Tassel Depot, we carry everything you need to outfit your tailgate with your team’s colors!

Fun Back-To-School Gear with Bookmark Tassels and Tassel Charms!

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 9/10/2017
It’s back to school time, and everyone is excited about cool gear for the new year. What can school possibly have to do with tassels? How about customizing tassel charms and bookmark tassels?

Dress Up Your Summer BBQ with Napkin Rings and Tassel Ties

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 8/30/2017
It’s Barbeque season, and there is no better time to stop by our website for everything you need to have the most stylish barbeque of the summer. Maybe it’s a friendly picnic, or it’s your turn to host the annual neighborhood barbeque and your looking to make your competitive neighbor jealous. Tassel Depot has your back this summer for the best custom products to outdo last year’s summer bash.

Greek Sorority and Fraternity Tassels to Start Off the Semester Right!

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 8/16/2017
GO GREEK! Tassel depot has all the accessories you need for your upcoming semester. Whether you’re a sophomore looking to make a big impression this year in your fraternity house, or a sorority sister trying to show some appreciation to your upper classmen. Tassel Depot has full stock of your GREEK sorority and fraternity tassels and accessories to make this upcoming semester the most memorable one yet.

Creating an American-Themed Wedding with Unity Cords & Napkin Ties

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 7/14/2017
As fall approaches, wedding preparations begin and warm pallets of colors like autumn orange and cherry are a must in every wedding decoration. In combination with vibrant colors, you can have the most beautiful wedding, just like the one you have being dreaming of your entire life. Tassel Depot wants to make sure that you have everything you need to make your special day a truly memorable and beautiful one.

3 Ways to Incorporate Tassels in Your Wedding

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 7/14/2017
Yes, tassels are back! They are a must-try trend this season and they will make any wedding look spectacular and stylish. Tassels have been a symbol of prestige and status throughout the years. So, why not make your wedding trendy and fashionable by adding some tassels to your décor?

100 Years of Tradition – The Meaning of the Graduation Cords

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 6/30/2017
One of the most desired pieces of graduation attire, the graduation honor cords make your commencement ceremony much more special. The meaning and accomplishment behind your prized honor cords expresses to all in attendance just how amazing your college career truly was.

What to Do with Your Graduation Tassels After Graduation

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 6/15/2017
You’ve graduated, commencement is over, now what do you do with your graduation tassels and honor cords? Tassel Depot has some do-it-yourself ideas to make the most of your honor cords and graduation tassels.

Graduation Tassels: History, Meaning, and Colors

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 5/23/2017
Everything you should know about graduation tassels brought to you by Tassel Depot. 

What to Look for When Purchasing Graduation Items

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 5/16/2017

Graduation season is here, Tassel Depot is here to tell you everything you need to know before purchasing your Graduation Regalia. 

Tassel Depot Announces New Scholarship Program For Current and Future College Students

Posted by Tassel Depot on 5/11/2017

Tassel Depot believes your Tassel is worth the Hassle and is rewarding you with the Tassels 4 Education® Annual Scholarship.

3 Easy DIY Easter Decorating Ideas

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 4/14/2017

Creative do-it-yourself Easter decorations from Tassel Depot that will ensure you’re ready for the upcoming holiday.

Graduation Tassel Pranks For April Fools Day

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 4/1/2017
Make the most out of your upcoming Graduation with a Tassel Prank guaranteed to fool your parents, from Tassel Depot. 

3 Graduation Party Favor Ideas

Posted by Tassel Depot on 3/27/2017
Think outside the box for your graduation party favor that will remind all your guests of the huge milestone you've just accomplished and all the fun they had celebrating the moment with you!

St Patricks Day Tassel Ideas

Posted by Tassel Depot on 3/16/2017
Tassels are a major fashion statement this year, and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to begin incorporating tassels into your home and celebrations. Try these easy tassel projects and ideas for this upcoming Irish holiday!

Tassels for Spring Weddings

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 2/22/2017
Spring weddings are beautiful, and Tassel Depot wants to make sure that you have everything you need for your special day. 

Great Ideas for Your Valentine's Gift Exchange at School

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 2/14/2017

Creative ideas for Valentine’s Day gift exchange at your child’s school. Learn how bookmark tassels can set your child apart this Valentine’s Day.

Equip Your Super Bowl Party with Tassel Depot!

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 2/1/2017
If you are having a great big Super Bowl party to close out this football season, check out these different ways to decorate with Tassel Depot.

Presidential Inauguration Day in the United States

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 1/20/2017
The Presidential Inauguration is here, where president-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office as President Trump. Read more here.

Tassel Depot is Your Number One Spot for Stocking Stuffers This Season

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 12/23/2016
Are you fresh out of ideas for what to gift your friends and family this holiday? Tassel Depot has tons of stocking stuffers for gifts! 

Fun Christmas Tree Decorations and Ideas

Posted by Tandem Interactive on 12/21/2016
Be the perfect tree designer this year. Tassel Depot is here to help you with some Christmas tree decorations and fun ideas to brighten up your living room.