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What to Do With Your Cap and Gown Post Graduation

A graduation celebration is a memorable experience, signifying academic achievement. The school graduation ceremony is steeped in tradition, with specific customs that are not seen in other events. One of the traditions specific to a graduation celebration is the graduation accessories and clothing items worn by graduates. The specific nature of graduation attire means that, other than possibly for a Halloween costume, it can’t be worn during other events. So what are you to do with your cap and gown post-graduation? 

Can You Recycle a Graduation Cap and Gown? 

Most graduation caps and gowns are made of polyester. Polyester is a non-recyclable material that is very difficult to break down. If you wish to recycle your gap and gown, one possible way is to contact your school to see if they have a rental program. Donating your cap and gown to your school could allow it to be used for future school graduation ceremonies.  

 Additionally, if you have siblings or younger family members that will be attending the same high school or university, you may want to keep these items for when they graduate. Chances are, the same graduation gown and graduation caps will be used. 


Other Ways to Reuse Your Graduation Items 

 Another great way to reuse your graduation items is to keep them as mementos for your academic achievements and the memories created during this time. Framing of diplomas and diploma covers is commonplace, oftentimes being hung in the work office of the graduate. A great way to add to this common presentation is to include graduation items in the framing!  

At Tassel Depot, we offer a graduation cap gown and tassel pack, which are the most common graduation items; however, any graduation accessory you have can make a great addition to a framed diploma. Honor cords, graduation tassels, and graduation stoles all look great in a framed graduation remembrance.  

 We always recommend that after certain graduation traditions, such as the throwing of your graduation cap, you retrieve your graduation cap for keepsake. We also always recommend removing your graduation tassel before throwing your cap, so at the very least, you will have a tassel as a keepsake.

 Getting Fitted for Your Graduation 

 The best way to have a special framed remembrance of your graduation ceremony is to go with personalized graduation items. We offer customizable options for all of our graduation clothing, so you can stand out from the crowd and have mementos that will last you a lifetime.  

We also offer various accessories and decorations for many holidays and special events. Shop our online store for the best tassel and event accessories and graduation apparel. 

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