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Need Help Deciding What to Wear Under Graduation Gowns?

As graduation approaches you may find yourself wondering more and more about several aspects of the ceremony. Between what graduation tassels to wear, which graduation cords you will adorn yourselves in, or maybe just wondering if you’ve got enough tickets for the whole family. One other thing you may also be pondering is what to wear underneath graduation gowns so that you’ll look perfect for as many pre and post-ceremony pictures. At Tassel Depot, we have seen countless students go through this exact problem and have made a quick overview of the traditional and not-so-traditional ways you can dress up for your graduation!

What Do You Wear Under Graduation Gowns Traditionally?

Countless people will tell you what to wear to graduation, and most of the time, it can be summarized as formal attire that would fit into the setting of any wedding or important event. The truth is that this is the standard attire for graduations for several reasons. The main reason for such formal-looking clothes under graduation gowns is simply this, you’re most likely going to be having some sort of celebration later in the evening with family and friends, and dressing to impress will make your pictures amazing! But what to wear under a cap and gown can become a difficult question to answer if you have other post-ceremony plans in mind that are more active or are simply less formal.

What Should I Wear Under Graduation Gowns if I Have Other Plans?

The best thing to wear under graduation gowns if you are not into the formal attire traditionally expected, or you are planning on having a more active evening after you receive your diploma can be summarized with one word, comfort. We recommend wearing the clothing that you will be wearing for your post-graduation festivities while pairing it with a nice pair of shoes so that you aren’t noticeably informal.   What to wear to graduation under different circumstances will vary based on what you will be doing. Luckily, graduation gowns are effective at hiding what clothing lay underneath. Just be sure to wear comfortable and nice-looking shoes so that from head-to-toe, you look perfect while wearing full attire.

For Graduation Supplies Contact Tassel Depot

Hopefully, you have an easier time wondering what to wear under graduation gowns with the help of this guide. It’s your day, so make sure you look great! If you need graduation supplies that relate to traditional graduation ceremony attire, be sure to contact Tassel Depot. We’d be happy to help.

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