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What Happens at Graduation for the Fall Semester?

Fall commencement ceremonies don’t differ much from those held in the spring. It’s hard to gauge whether your graduate is graduating early or late because it is usually one of the two if they are walking in the winter. Sometimes even students who study abroad will find themselves graduating during this time. This is because their semester abroad left them unable to attend their graduation until after they got back. 

 Many parents and students find themselves asking what happens at graduation for the fall semester? The truth is that it isn’t much different from the spring graduation. Graduation is a huge accomplishment and something to be celebrated. Sometimes, schools will have a fall and spring graduation simply to break up the time spent at one of these ceremonies, as commencement ceremonies can be very long. 

 Tassel Depot is here to provide a guide for what to expect when attending your next fall semester graduation ceremony.

Commencement Ceremony Program

There is usually a basic skeleton of what happens during graduation. This schedule varies for each school, but usually, they are somewhat the same. It is important to note that fall graduates are featured in the spring commencement booklet as well. Keep reading to see how our experts outline the perfect commencement ceremony program for the fall semester.

Procession In 

 During the processional is where we see all of the graduates come into the auditorium in a single file line wearing their graduation garb, which includes their cap and gown, their stoles and sashes, and any other identifiable material. The graduates file in and sit in the middle of the stage, where they also watch the program. 

 Welcome Speech 

 The welcome speech is usually done by the president of the school or a highly known professor or instructor. It is usually someone that many in the audience and the graduates are familiar with. This speech is given to welcome everyone to the ceremony and to reiterate how important the day is for everyone involved.


 Guest Speakers

 Guest speakers can range anywhere from celebrity alumni to the class president to an expert in an educational field. Generally, graduations have one guest speaker who gives kudos to the graduating class and inspires them to move on to their next journey. Many times their speeches can be very long, though they are also frequently inspiring.

Presentation of the Degree

 The presentation of the degrees is each and every graduate’s time to shine and is one of the focal points of a graduation ceremony. Each graduate is called in alphabetical order by their last name to be awarded their diploma, which signifies that they have officially completed their degree and is the perfect time for a photoshoot as well.


 Procession out

 After every graduate has received their degree and there are closing remarks, there will be a processional out of the ceremony. This is the end of the commencement, and it is usually a game for friends and family to find their graduates and congratulate them.


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