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What Do Teachers Wear to Graduation?

One of the most common questions asked around the graduation season by both students and faculty is what do teachers wear to graduation ceremonies? This question is understandable as so much emphasis is put on the robes and accessories worn by students that the dress code for staff can feel like a bit of a formality. Despite this, there is a dress code for teachers and faculty to follow while they attend the ceremony. Tassel Depot, a provider of accessories for graduation ceremonies for over 150 years, knows these events all too well and examines the proper graduation attire to be wearing here.

Why Is There a Dress Code for a Graduation Ceremony?

Before examining the more pressing question of what to wear, let us first examine why appropriate attire for a graduation ceremony is so important for the event and its participants. For starters, the students are going through a transitional period where they are going from middle or higher-level education into the workforce or colleges and universities. This calls for a degree of tradition and formality. As for the school’s staff and teachers, they spent the last several years schooling these young men and women, so they will also want to be present in their most elegant attire. Now that we understand the reason for a dress code, what do teachers wear to graduation ceremonies?

What Is the Faculty Graduation Ceremony Dress Code

If you are a member of the school faculty and are wondering what to wear at commencement once the ceremony rolls around, you can look to your veteran teachers and colleagues for inspiration. They will always be dressed formally, but the exact number of accessories and style of dress will be inspired by what the school’s lasting traditions have called for.

Unsure of any school traditions? Then be sure to dress as formally as possible, meaning a suit with jacket and tie for men and a formal or conservative evening dress for women. The point is to show up in support of students and to show that you care. The true idea is not to ask, “What do teachers wear to graduation” so that you can look as best as possible and steal the show. Instead, it is to represent that you cared enough to spend a lengthy amount of time and effort to get ready so that the students can understand that this moment is truly important and one they will always remember.

Graduation Accessories for Your Ceremony

Are you a student, parent, or member of the faculty that is looking for graduation accessories that will be perfect for the occasion? Tassel Depot offers a wide selection that would be perfect for all involved. Everything from custom graduation tassels to graduation cord charms are available! Give our team a call to learn all about our products or read some of our other articles to learn more from experts in the industry who work with a firm boasting over a century of experience.

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