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Time Tested Wedding Symbols

Weddings are a time-tested tradition in countries all across the world, and many of them carry the same wedding symbols through time and across cultures. If you have a marriage ceremony coming up and wish to learn more about these wedding symbols and where they originated, then Tassel Depot is here to help! Our team of experts has worn many hats, including those of wedding decorators, for our more than 150 years of operation, and we would love to shed some light on what we have learned. So, what are the most common symbols for marriage and weddings across the world? And where did they originate?

Common Symbols for Weddings

Wedding symbolism is not an easy thing to bucket into the same category. Many different wedding symbols can represent vastly different things. From birds to colors, everything means something. The most common symbols for marriage are:

  • Doves: The release of doves as a symbol for weddings stems from the classic meaning behind doves - peace. This is meant to symbolize the peace that the married couple will feel in matrimony.
  • Veils: Meant to represent modesty. Weddings are traditionally a religious affair; this means that much of the symbolism will relate to God as viewed in the western world.
  • White Clothing for the Bride: This symbol for marriage also has its roots in western religions, white represents purity, and traditionally that is what husbands looked for in wives.
  • Wedding Bands: One of the most famous symbols of marriage, the wedding band has its roots in ancient times! The circle ring, meant to represent never-ending love, is a perfect way to display that time-tested ideal.
  • Ring Bearers: The traditional idea of having a child carry the rings to the couple has been used to represent the new future that will come to the bride and groom once married.
  • These wedding symbols have been around for generations and across cultures, but how do we incorporate them into modern ceremonies?

    How We Incorporate Traditional Marriage Symbolism in Ceremonies

    The ways that people have used these symbols in their ceremonies have changed over the years to make the ceremony more modern while keeping the traditional wedding symbols in place. Today you will find doves released at the ceremony’s conclusion, and white coloring present on not just the bride but also décor in the wedding on things such as tassels and drapes. Wedding decorators and planners know how to incorporate these items into the wedding of today, and we are excited to see how it will evolve in the future.

    Tassel Wedding Decorations for Your Big Day

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