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A Guide to Wedding Seating Arrangements

Seating chart etiquette can be a tough thing to grasp if you are planning your first wedding. There are so many factors to consider that can make the wedding couple or the designated wedding planner feel overwhelmed. Luckily Tassel Depot, an expert provider of wedding decorations such as wedding napkin rings and wedding cords, is here to help! Our team has over 150 years of experience as providers of wedding décor. We know all there is to know about wedding seating arrangements and love to put our expertise to work by providing insights whenever possible to assist our current and future customers.

How to Organize a Seating Chart for a Wedding

So you are trying to make your wedding or the wedding you have been charged with planning perfect? Then there are guidelines for the typical wedding seating arrangements that have been time-proven to work for any party. Following these steps makes for the best way to do a wedding seating chart and is sure to be the perfect templated plan to follow:

  • Have a table designated for the friends of the couple. They will have a great time exchanging stories from knowing each other and growing their friendships.
  • All the parents should be seated at the same table. This is a huge milestone for them as well as the couple, and they are sure to want to get to know each other while at the ceremony.
  • Other guests should be organized into groups. For example, childhood friends, work friends, school friends, etc. should all be at the same table with their respective groups.
  • Kids’ tables are important. Children are known to feel a bit excluded at a wedding. It is an adult ceremony, after all, so having them in the same place can lead to fun conversations with people their own age.
  • Have a digital or physical layout set up to visualize the seating and make the appropriate adjustments and changes as needed. Sometimes seeing is the best way to adjust.
  • Following these guidelines is a great plan for your wedding seating arrangements, but once everyone is seated, it is time to make the seating perfect by expertly decorating the tables and chairs! Do not worry if you are inexperienced with this form of decoration. Our experts have some amazing wedding seat decoration ideas that you and your guests are sure to love.

    How to Make Wedding Guest Seating Perfect

    The key to wedding seating arrangements is the layout and positioning of different parties. This ensures that the best conversations can flow between guests. To make the arrangements perfect, you’re going to need wedding seat decoration supplies that will make your ceremony stand out. Be sure to make use of tassels on tables and chairs to really make the entire décor pop. The tables should all be styled in a similar way, with more grandeur and attention given to the main table, which is the seating area for the bride and groom. If you need the greatest decorations for your wedding seating arrangements, the team at Tassel Depot is always available to help!

    Our Wedding Decorators Are Here to Make Your Décor Perfect!

    The team at Tassel Depot has over 150 years of experience in providing everything from the perfect cord for wedding ceremony events to tassels that can make any table or chair at your wedding shine. We are also proud to service events such as graduations. We are more than prepared to provide you with all the supplies you could possibly need! Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our products. You can also read some of our other articles for a window into the world of event decoration from the industry’s top professionals.

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