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Virtual Graduation Ideas

Virtual graduations are becoming more of a reality for students and graduates because of the ease of access that technology has and the rise of online learning. One of the drawbacks that this kind of technology gives is the lack of personal interaction that students have with each other and their teachers. This is especially true for virtual graduations since they lack the personal touch that regular graduations offer. However, if you are going to be participating in a virtual graduation, there are some tips that you should keep in mind that can make your virtual graduation experience a memorable one. Continue reading below to learn some virtual graduation ideas from Tassel Depot.

What Is a Virtual Graduation Ceremony? 

As the name suggests, a virtual graduation is one that involves a video meeting where students are not physically present but rather join via video conferencing. Virtual graduation ceremonies follow the exact same protocols as in-person ceremonies. Usually, students submit a photo of themselves to be presented to the virtual audience when their name is called. Virtual graduation ceremonies are usually held through Zoom or Skype. 

Top Online Graduation Ceremony Ideas

There are some things that students and administrators can take advantage of to make their virtual graduations more memorable. One of the top graduation ceremony ideas is to fill out an online yearbook. An online yearbook is one that is passed around and signed in a way that is reminiscent of physical yearbooks that would typically be signed by students at the end of the year. There are many ways for students to set up online yearbooks, with one of the most popular ways being Google Forms. A Google Form allows those that are signing the yearbook to include photos and quotes to all of their friends and classmates. These forms can be decorated and customized in many ways so that they can include pages for clubs and sports teams as well. One of the best virtual graduation ideas that our graduation accessories company likes to recommend is graduation videos. Graduation videos give students and faculty members enough space to express themselves, and they can present them to their classmates. There are many things to keep in mind when filming these, which we detail below. 

Graduation Video Ideas

Videos are one of the top graduation ceremony ideas. As mentioned above, graduation videos are an excellent way to celebrate online graduations. Something like a graduation video could be as creative as you would like and can include whatever you see fit. For example, some students might want to include a montage of themselves as they have grown up or highlights from the years that they have spent at an academic institution. This is one advantage that virtual ceremonies have over in-person events because students can rarely express themselves as freely in person rather than over a video.

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