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Great Ideas for Your Valentine's Gift Exchange at School

It’s that time of the year again! Red and pink hearts at every turn, your kid’s school functions and tassels? Yes! Tassels are one of 2017’s major fashion trends; from jewelry accessories to tasseled dresses, tassels have become a highly sought after commodity. Each year, parents are forced to go out and purchase packs of candy for their young kids to give out to their classmates on Valentine’s Day. Although it is a great tradition that teaches children to share, buying children more candy can become mundane and require a trip to the dentist. Instead, check out these great Valentine’s Day ideas for your child’s Valentine’s Day gift exchange at school.

Bookmark Tassels are great for those bookworms in your life and for any child learning to read. Bookmark tassels are functional gifts that are sure to please. Available in 27 vibrant colors, try picking the school colors so your kid can have the best Valentine’s gifts for their class this year!

Frog Closures can give any outfit or book cover sleeve a trendy twist! Frog closures can be added to backpacks for decoration, book cover sleeves to mimic a fancy lock, or even to clothing if the child chooses. Frog closures are available in gold and silver to match any fabric!

Give our tassel gift ideas a try this Valentine's Day! Shop online and find the perfect bookmark tassels for your kid's gift exchange. Tassel Depot offers overnight delivery and convenient checkout options to make your experience a pleasurable one!