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What is a Valedictorian?

If you have ever attended a graduation, then you have likely encountered the phrase valedictorian, but what exactly is the valedictorian expected to do? And how do you become a valedictorian? Tassel Depot, providers of graduation tassels for valedictorians for over 150 years, has created this quick guide to make understanding everything in regard to the position and its responsibilities easier! So, what is a valedictorian, and how can you become one?

Who Is a Valedictorian?

A valedictorian can truly be anyone from the school or institution they attend. They are students who have gone the extra mile every step of the way and truly earned the highest honors high schools and universities can offer. Once a valedictorian is selected, they will be given their respective additional cords, honors, stoles, and graduation tassels and will be tasked with writing their college or high school valedictorian speech. This speech will be given in front of the entire graduating class and is a timeless part of being a valedictorian. If you feel prepared to become this person in your school or university, then you will have to know what is a valedictorian’s road to being chosen, what the general requirements will be, and how to be a valedictorian properly.

How Is a Valedictorian Chosen?

How do you become a valedictorian? While the specific rules, regulations, and expectations will vary slightly per institution, some allow multiple people to inhabit the role. For example, while others only have one, there are general valedictorian requirements to become acquainted with if you wish to inhabit the role. In general, a valedictorian is a student with the highest academic standing. Valedictorians can also be chosen by faculty and students who select a standout member of their institution based on both grades and character. If you are seen as this standout member of the community, though this is a hard position to fill, with the proper etiquette and commitment to education, you could very well be your institution’s valedictorian.

Graduation Accessories Perfect for You

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