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Now available in 25 different colors, Rayon cords complete with Rayon tassels on each end, are a great way to give detail to things around your home, gifts or favors. Check out Tassel Depot’s unique ideas for using their decorative tassel ties that come in bulk amounts of 100 pieces per color.

1.       Bind Wedding Invitations and/or programs – The use of a tassel tie to bind an invitation or program instead of staples, makes for a more decorative and appealing look. Pick one of the primary colors of your wedding and use it for the color of the tassels to help tie in the theme of your big day.  

2.       Tie around small boxes - If you are putting party or wedding goodies together into small boxes, Tassel Depot suggests using tassel ties to knot around the boxes to make them look eloquent and present-like.

3.       Seal favor bags – Instead of using plastic or wire ties to seal favor or treat bags, think about tying them closed with colorful tassel ties. Guests will appreciate the look of the bags and be more likely to take one home with them.

4.       Accent your flags - If you enjoy decorating for a national holiday, like Fourth of July, purchase small American Flags and use tassel ties to tie around each stake of the flags. This extra detail will create a ‘wow’ factor when you have friends and family over for the holiday.  

All of Tassel Depot’s tassel ties are assembled in the United States or Jamaica and always from materials from the U.S.A.