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No matter what the event is, there is almost always an invitation, announcement, program or menu that is handed out for the occasion. These printed materials are not only informative, but are also a part of what sets the tone for the affair. In a day and age where details are everything, Tassel Depot has great ideas for those looking to create and bind dapper looking invitations, programs, menus, etc. 

 1.Invitations – Use a decorative tassel on your event invitation to add an ornamental detail to your special day. If you are looking for something to tie to the top of your wedding invitation to make it different from other invitations, Tassel Depot suggests using a tassel rather than a ribbon to do so. 

 2.Programs – Instead of stapling your event program, consider using a colorful tassel to bind it into a booklet that you and your guests can cherish forever. The tassel can also serve as a book marker for those keeping their place within the program during a wedding ceremony, Baptism or Christening. 

 3.Menus – If your menu is more than one page long, consider using an eloquent tassel to bind it. The tassel will give your menu a sophisticated look and add to the ambiance of the occasion. 

 Tassel Depot in Deerfield Beach offers high-quality decorative and functional Program and Invitation Tassels that will help your occasion stand out from the rest and preserve a special moment in time.