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Tassel Tips for Teachers: Organize, Decorate, and Educate with Style

The school year is finally here and if you are a teacher, you are most likely putting the finishing touches on your classroom! You've picked out your curriculum, you've gathered up all school supplies and equipment, and now it is time to jazz up the décor in your classroom. Tassel Depot is a leading supplier of decorative tassels that you can easily incorporate into your classroom décor. Order some tassels in your school colors and get to decorating!

Inviting Classroom Door

Nothing makes a classroom doorway stand out and be inviting for students than some bright colored tassels hanging from the edges. If you are looking for that “welcome to the new school year!” feel, try hanging decorative tassels around the doorway that rotate the school colors.

Custom Tassel Bookmarks

If you are teaching younger children, Tassel Depot knows that it can be difficult to keep them motivated and excited about opening their textbooks. In order to make it a little bit more fun, consider giving each child their own custom tassel bookmark. When teachers make reading more fun, a lot more reading gets done! 

Decorative Classroom Keys

Make your keys stand out. All teachers know how frustrating it is to have such a large set of keys. Keys for the bathroom, keys for your classroom, and keys for all the draws, desks, and closets in your room. Color code each set of keys and make them stand out with key tassels.