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Tips for Celebrating Graduation During COVID-19

Graduation is a huge accomplishment in any student’s life – at Tassel Depot, we believe that the incredible milestone should always be celebrated. Although many high schools, colleges, and universities have attempted to recreate commencement ceremonies virtually amid the pandemic, others have postponed or canceled their graduation celebration altogether. In light of these developments, your graduation should still be a memorable experience, so we have come up with the best virtual commencement ideas and other ways to celebrate graduation to ensure you enjoy every ounce of your special day! So, start decorating your graduation caps and ironing your graduation stole because you are officially graduating soon.


4 Graduation Ceremony Ideas to Celebrate with Friends and Family

During these unprecedented times, many students feel as though they are not getting the graduation ceremony that they had always dreamed of. Without walking the stage, listening to heartfelt commencement speeches in person, and the fundamental traditions that come with graduating, many students feel as though they are missing out on the opportunities of a lifetime.


But that doesn’t mean that graduation day has to be missed or postponed. Tassel Depot is sharing some of the best COVID graduation ceremony ideas as well as how to celebrate graduation without a party to honor the new grads!


Host a Backyard Graduation Ceremony & Movie Marathon

Host your own personal graduation ceremony right in your backyard, where your closest friends and family can remain socially distanced while still celebrating your achievement. Don your graduation cap and gown – as well as a themed mask – as you walk across a makeshift stage (or just in front of your audience) to receive your diploma from one of your loved ones. If your school hasn’t distributed your diploma yet, print out one of the free templates you can find online (bonus if it’s in a fun design) or create your own just for the ceremony! Have fun with it. Follow up the ceremony with a graduation movie marathon under the stars.


A fun twist on this COVID graduation ceremony is to watch your favorite graduation movie and then walk across your stage at the same time as the graduation scene in the movie. Who else could then say they graduated with their favorite characters!


Organize a Virtual Commencement Party

While large gatherings are discouraged in many states, that doesn't mean you can’t throw a virtual commencement celebration. Use Zoom or other similar platforms to invite loved ones to watch you move your graduation tassel from one side of the cap to the other. Make it extra special by sending your loved ones a memento or keepsake of the occasion ahead of time so they could remember this moment with you.


One of the advantages of this COVID graduation ceremony is that loved ones from all over the world, who otherwise would not have been able to make it in person under normal circumstances, can enjoy this moment with you.


Hire a Professional Photographer to Take Graduation Photos

After a year in quarantine, any excuse to dress up is welcome, so in honor of your accomplishment, dress up in your graduation outfit with matching 2021 grad face masks and hire a professional photographer to take graduation photos. If you still have access to your campus, stop by some of your favorite spots for memorable photo ops.


No graduation day is complete without a photo in your graduation cap and gown. Post your favorite photos on social media or have them printed and framed with your tassel. It is not only a great way to announce the accomplishment to loved ones but can also be used as a memory to mark this special milestone in a graduate’s life.


Celebrate Graduation Day with Something Sweet

There are many things to do after a graduation ceremony, but our team at Tassel Depot recommends indulging in something sweet. Order a treat from your favorite local bakery – enjoy a graduation cake or diploma-themed cookies.


Another COVID graduation celebration idea is to bake a dessert yourself and share it with your family and friends. Make it virtual by baking along with your loved ones via video chat so that everyone can celebrate the graduate’s huge milestone with something delicious!


Ready for a COVID Graduation Day with Tassel Depot

Tassel Depot offers everything you need to be ready for graduation day so you can spend more time organizing any one of these fun virtual commencement ideas and COVID graduation celebration options.


As a leading tassel manufacturer for over 150 years, Tassel Depot offers a variety of tassel options, graduation stoles and chords as well as numerous other graduation accessories to best match the needs of every graduate. Contact us to learn more about our selection of graduation accessories, tassels, and promos by Tassel Depot!


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