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The Do’s and Don'ts of Decorating a Graduation Cap

The Do’s and Don'ts of Decorating a Graduation Cap 

Your graduation day is a big deal. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with our do’s and don’ts of decorating a graduation cap. Unfortunately, graduation caps and gowns are normally color-coordinated with the rest of the school and can’t be personalized. Luckily, Tassel Depot offers customizable stoles, cords, and other graduation items perfect for your graduation. 

Tips for All Graduates

A tip that can apply to all graduate caps is to keep your design simple. We understand you may want to stand out; however, a complicated design may take away from the overall aesthetic. Personalize it how you wish, but try to keep it simple and elegant.  

 At Tassel Depot, we have seen every variation of graduation gear customization and design. While this may go without saying, make sure you design your graduation right side up! You would be surprised how many beautiful graduation cap designs we’ve seen be worn upside down. 

Some Tips for Your High School Graduation Cap

A key part of personalizing a good graduation cap is making it unique to yourself. Some common designs involve designing your cap around a college or secondary school you may be attending after graduation. Consider your future school colors and symbols.  

 If you are planning to begin your working career after high school, consider a short message, or mantra, that has kept you going throughout your high school years. A personalized quote, or message, will ensure your family and friends can spot you in a sea of gowns.

Some Tips for Your College Graduation Cap 

Similar to a high school graduation cap, a great way to get inspiration for designing your graduation cap. If you are lucky enough to know your post-graduation work plans, consider basing your cap design around your new company.  

 Another great way to decorate your graduation cap is to use the opportunity to thank the people who have assisted you in your graduation. This can be a great way to show your gratitude, especially if you keep it as a surprise, unveiling a big reveal on your big day.


While you may want to ensure you stand out from the crowd with bright colors, it is important to keep in mind what color your graduation gown is and to not use colors that clash. If you are using university or company colors for your design, this may be unavoidable but, if you can, choose complementary colors.

Plan Ahead

Procrastination is a natural part of the academic process. We recommend not leaving your graduation cap decoration until the last day. Give yourself ample time where you could restart your decorating on the off chance you make a mistake. Additionally, most graduations fall within a month of all other graduations. As a result, supplies can run low at local and online stores during the typical graduation months. Don’t be left stranded a day before your graduation day!

Visit Tassel Depot for All Your Graduation Needs

Tassel Depot has you covered on all of your graduation needs. Make sure to visit our site for some ideas on customizing your graduation cap, and you can begin exploring our wide range of custom stoles, tassels, and more!

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