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Billy, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel helps to run the company.  He sits at the President's, Roger Leavy side and makes sure everything runs smoothly on a day to day basis.

Brandi, Billy's sister, is more artsy.  She has a mind of her own and a good eye for color and shares an office with April Leavy overseeing Marketing and Design.


TiffanyTiffany Tassel Depot / Hofmann & Leavy mourns the passing of The Expert, Tiffany Leavy. She passed away peacefully on Friday October 30, 2009 at the age of 108, 15 in human years. She will be remembered for her invaluable contributions to Tassel Depot in her position of "The Pawfessional". She promptly handled all the "Ask the Expert" inquiries and her picture will remain on our site in her memory. She was extremely intelligent, alert and always had a smile. Her loyalty to the company and all of her colleagues, both two legged and four legged was unparalleled and she will surely be missed. Condolences go out to the entire Tassel Depot family.

Madison always notifies us when UPS, FedEx or the mailman arrives. We have to admit that she is a bit of a clean freak.  She's always first to point out if anything has dropped on the floor, especially food.

Sammy, (Madison's older brother) assists Nancy Marks-Small in all phases of production.  These dachshunds help ensure that all of our factories operate efficiently and that goods are delivered to our customers on time.

Angel, who is Wanda Cimaglia's youngest, is the largest and strongest of our team and therefore is in charge of security.  No one ever gets by the Golden Retriever without her approval.