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In life, many of us are faced with difficult crossroads, including the diagnosis of an illness for a loved one. At Tassel Depot, we understand the severity of dealing with upsetting news that can impact your life, job and education.

In an effort to show our support, Tassel Depot has created an exclusive line of tassels that support charities called Tassels 4 A Cause®.

Each colored tassel represents a different cause and organization that you can support. Tassels 4 A Cause® are available as key ring tassels and car tassels, to make showing off your stance on different diseases or causes easy.

Tassels 4 A Cause® tassels include the Ribbon Charm as a symbol of awareness for your support. Tassels can be made in any color or in the color connected with that particular organization.

Tassels 4 A Cause® can be purchased as individual graduation gifts or in bulk – we welcome “official” school purchases and charity purchases.

Tassel Depot products are proudly made in the USA and produced from the highest quality of cords, tassels, and other novelty trimmings to ensure a high quality product.