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We see misconceptions everywhere in the world - black holes are not actually holes, they are dense objects with massive gravitational pull. “You are as blind as a bat,” is not true because bats are not blind. Adding salt does not help the water boil faster, unless it is an ocean-level concentration; sprinkling salt will not make a difference. The list goes on…

When presented with arguments as these, why should ‘tassels’ not get a second chance? Who said tassels are only for graduation?

Tassel Depot would like to introduce you to the program and invitation tassel line. These tassels are not your ordinary graduation tassels, these tassels are used to decorate programs and/or invitations with an elegant touch.

Program tassels offer versatility, with an adjustable slide to bind your announcements. Available in over 25 vibrant colors, make your programs stand out! Traditional white, off-white, black, gray, and brown are available; as well as, several shades of blues, greens, yellow/golds, purples and pinks.

Invitation tassels could be the special touch your printed masterpiece was missing. Add elegance and style to this timeless presentation - with an invitation tassel.

Invitation tassels, program tassels, and graduation tassels by Tassel Depot are all assembled in the USA and are made from American materials. Tassel Depot prides itself on its high quality tassels, at affordable prices.

Invitation tassels and program tassels are sold by bundles of 100. Bundles of program tassels start at $21.00, and bundles of metallic invitation tassels start at $44.00. Shop online at