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Summertime Home Décor Tips with Tassels!

Summer is here and that means more time for those special little DIY projects and home decorations! Spring is a time for cleaning and organizing, but summer is a time to liven up your life and add a few fun changes to the scene. Tassel Depot supplies tassels ranging from graduation day to spring and summer home décor accents. Our trusted tassel company has summertime home décor tips with tassels to give your home that extra pop of color for summer!

Tassels for Furniture Accents

Chainette tassels for your couch cushions or throw pillows are a summer must, and the best part is that you don’t have to take them too seriously; choose from a range of colors and get a little funky with your summer home decor. Interior designers are saying that the trend for 2016 is purple, teal, and light pink, so choose a bright colored tassel to match each room in your home and add them to pillow corners and drawer handles.

Hang Colorful Tassels for Summertime Home Décor

A great way to spice up your home’s interior is to hang tassels from curtains and lamps. In order to achieve this look, aim for simple, small tassels that will not take too much away from the overall appeal of the room. Larger tassels will make the room seem overcrowded, so aim small and add a simple rayon braid closure for elegance if you'd like. Tassel Depot recommends hanging colorful tassels from your dining room table runner or coffee table runner as well.

DIY Tassel Projects for the Summer

If you are DIY savvy, summertime home décor with tassels will guarantee that your projects are unique and eye catching. Start with old picture frames and add tassels to the corners, or tassel cords adorned around the frames to really make your memories pop off the walls.

Hanging plants in your home for summer is also a great way to breathe new life into your home. Adding a decorative tassel to the pot or using a cord to hang the plant will ensure that you have made something unique and is sure to grab your guests’ attention.

For more tassel tips, visit the Tassel Depot blog and find all the ways that tassels can be used this summer season!