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How Tassel Colors Change Based on Your Degree

Since the first time anyone graduates, which could be as early as nursery school, they are adorned with the traditional graduation wear, each of which is fashioned with colorful tassels. But when students are graduating from colleges and universities, the tassel colors change from homogenous ones to ones that vary by color based on what the student majored in. 

 If you are approaching graduation day and want to know the corresponding tassel colors by degree, then Tassel Depot is here to help! As a company with over 150 years of experience outfitting students with the perfect accessories for their ceremonies, including graduation tassels, and is always happy to help spread some helpful information whenever possible.

Bachelor’s Degree Tassel Colors

Although some institutions may vary which degree is associated with which tassel color, there is a throughline that acts as the baseline norm for what college tassel colors will be when students walk across the stage and receive their diplomas. The expected color for students to wear during graduation on their tassels is as follows:

  • Gold: Liberal Arts & Science
  • Blue: Education, Public Works, Arts
  • Brown/Drab: Business Majors
  • Red: Journalism
  • Pink: Nursing, Public Health, and similar
  • There are many other degrees that receive their own specialized colors as well, but these are common to see most people wearing in institutions across the country. If your tassel color was not listed, or it could be different than what was represented here, then be sure to speak with your university or college and see where the variation may go. These college graduation accessories could also be vastly different colors should the student pursue the opportunity of attending graduate school. 

    Tassel Color Meaning Based on Graduate Degrees

    If you are about to wrap up your graduate school degree, such as in medical or law school, then understanding which tassel colors to expect to wear is a great way to coordinate your outfit based on the cornerstone accessory of this momentous occasion. Here are the to-be-expected colors for graduate students to be wearing at their ceremonies:

    • Doctorate Degrees: Recipients of research degrees can expect to wear crimson chords and tassels, while doctoral students who will be practicing medicine will often opt for a black one.
    • Law Students: Typically, law degree recipients wear a dark green cord and tassel combination. 
    • Business Degrees: This one is trickier. There are many different degrees that fall under this umbrella. The typical colors tend to be drab, black, and copper, but they could change if you are enrolled in a more niche degree program.
    • This guide to tassel colors is meant to be an introduction to the concept for people going through the process for the first time. There are many different ways that your tassels could be colored or designed based on both your degree and your institution. No matter what your tassel colors end up being, our team knows exactly where to buy tassels for graduation at an amazing price.

      Where to Buy Graduation Tassels at a Great Price

      Looking for the perfect graduation accessories so that your walk across the stage makes the sort of impact that a once-in-a-lifetime event should? Be sure to contact Tassel Depot and get a chance to wear the best gear on the market! Take a look at our graduation tassel selection or read some of our other articles for insight into all things related to the events and industry we serve. 

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