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St Patricks Day Tassel Ideas

Tassels are a major fashion statement this year, and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to begin incorporating tassels into your home and celebrations. There are several ways to ensure you don’t get pinched this year! Try these easy tassel projects and ideas for this upcoming Irish holiday!

If you are having a party for St. Patrick’s Day, create your own tassel garland for a quick pop of green on your wall. Making your own tassel garland doesn’t have to be difficult and your guests will be impressed with your craftiness!

What you will need:

Chainette tassels (We suggest Kelly green and dark green to include some color contrast)
Nails or Non-Damaging Adhesive Hooks

DIY Tassel Garland for St. Patty’s Day Parties:

To make your tassel project come to life; begin by cutting the twine in the length that best works to hang on your wall or from wall to wall in an entryway. Then, begin wrapping the chainette tassels along the twine. You can alternate each color or use one of each color for every spot. Do not be afraid to let your creativity run wild. As a tip: if you place little knots along the tassels, it will help keep the tassels in place and prevent them from sliding down the string once it is hung. Once you are satisfied with the placement of your tassels, you are ready to hang your beautiful, St. Patty’s Day tassel décor for all your guests to see!

St. Patty’s Day Tassel Brooch or Necklace:

Don’t have any green in your closet for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities? You can make yourself a festive brooch or necklace with St. Patty’s inspired tassels. Tassels come in a variety of sizes and can certainly be used to create accessories. With the use of a safety pin and a few mini tassels, you can create a decorative accessory to wear on your shirt. You can also purchase a tassel necklace in green to show off your St. Patty’s Day pride and ward off those pesky pinchers!