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With the New Year upon us, many organizations are attempting to think outside of the box and come up with new and exciting ways to raise funds for their cause. To help organizations such as sororities, fraternities, school clubs, non-profits, and community service groups raise money, Tassel Depot has founded its program, Tassels 4 My Philanthropy.

As a part of Tassels 4 My Philanthropy, organizations have the opportunity to run a philanthropy project that sells fun and memorable products in exchange for a percentage of the proceeds.

Whether you are a sorority raising money for a local homeless shelter or a community group raising funds for breast cancer awareness, Tassel Depot provides a wide variety of items to help you meet your fund raising goals.

The following are some of the products sold under our Tassel 4 A Cause umbrella and a portion of the proceeds from sales are donated back to the philanthropy or organization:

Spirit Bracelet – Available in several different color combinations, a spirit bracelet is the perfect product for organizations to sell when fundraising at a school.

Custom Bookmark – Bookmarks are a great item to sell to help remind people of a specific cause. A logo and/or quote can be printed on them for added meaning.

Key Ring Tassel – Keys are used almost every day, so a key ring tassel is a great way to continuously remind someone of your philanthropy, organization or cause.

If you are interested in running your next fundraiser through the Tassels 4 My Philanthropy program, contact Tassel Depot today at [email protected].