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Preparing Yourself for Senior Year of High School

Senior year of high school is an exciting, transformative year, with employment or college applications on the horizon. While many have heard the term senioritis, and while the phenomenon may occur for you, it is important to remember that senior year will not be a cakewalk. Senior year moves fast! Before you know it, you will be walking the stage in your graduation cap and gown and leaving with your degree in hand. Senior year is filled with important decisions that will have an enormous impact on your future. With this in mind, we wanted to offer some helpful tips on preparing yourself for your senior year of high school.

How to Prepare Yourself for College Applications

One of the most important tasks to get started on during your senior year, if you didn’t already in your junior year, is submitting college applications. There are some necessary steps to take as soon as possible to ensure you start off your post-High School life on the right foot.

Get Familiar With Your Guidance Counselor

Hopefully, you have already been introduced to your guidance counselor in the past. If not, your guidance counselor is an excellent resource who can help guide you through this new chapter in your life. In addition to providing valuable insight into the application process, your counselor may have some useful connections to schools you are interested in! Try to schedule a meeting with them as soon as possible, and have a tentative list of schools, your current GPA score, and standardized test scores in hand.

Finalize Your School List Early 

Chances are you are already thinking of the schools you wish to attend. Getting a head start on finalizing your application list means that you can focus on completing the applications, visiting schools, and being on top of your high school workload. 

A great way to stay on top of your applications after finalizing a list is to create an excel spreadsheet with your schools, their locations, application requirements, deadlines, average GPA, and standardized test scores. 

Don’t Wait for Deadlines

Try to complete your applications as early as possible. Deadlines aren’t submission dates, so don’t be afraid to submit your applications sooner rather than later! Submitting these early will alleviate stress and give you one less thing to worry about. Most schools have early applications to provide you with faster results and let the school know your interest. 

Preparing Yourself for the Workforce After Highschool 

If you wish to enter the workforce after high school, senior year is an excellent time to begin planning ahead. A guidance counselor is a great resource for this as well! Take some time to think about some of your passions, or look to role models, family members, and friends for examples. 

While it may be challenging to secure a job during senior year, applying and getting to know different organizations or businesses you may be interested in early on will show them your drive and interest in open positions they might have. 

How to Enjoy Your Senior Year

A successful senior year means completing important time-sensitive tasks while also taking time to enjoy and make long-lasting memories with friends. While friendships don’t end after graduation, this will be your final year in the compulsory classroom setting, and while you may not believe it now, you will miss it! Completing college or job applications early on in the school year will give you the time and mental capacity to properly enjoy celebratory moments such as prom, senior week, and of course, graduation. 

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