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Steps to Preparing for Graduation Day

With Graduation Day nearing, all of the hard work and studying is finally about to pay off as you walk across that stage and into your future. Before you get your hands on that diploma, however, there’s a few things you need to make sure you do. To help you get organized for this major milestone, Tassel Depot has put together the following list of steps to preparing for Graduation Day.

6 Weeks Before Graduation Day

 Make sure you have ordered your graduation cap, gown, and graduation announcements.

- Select a graduation tassel for your cap. This is usually done through a school representative that has ordered items from a tassel manufacturer.

- Begin planning your graduation party and order invitations.

4 Weeks Before Graduation Day

- Start looking for graduation gifts for friends and/or teachers who have had a positive impact on your education. A graduation necklace or graduation tassel keychain are unique gift ideas that can be used beyond Graduation Day.

- Iron out details of your graduation party – venue, food, drinks, music all need to be considered.

2 Weeks Before Graduation Day

-  Decide what you are going to wear on Graduation Day, including your outfit, shoes and jewelry.

- Choose how you are going to wear your hair with your graduation cap and tassel. Do a few trials at home to make sure you like the style you’ve picked.

- Send out your graduation announcements and party invitations.

1 Week Before Graduation Day

- Make sure you have all items and decorations purchased for your graduation party.

- Iron and hang up your graduation gown to keep it wrinkle-free.

- Decorate your graduation cap if your school permits. This will showcase your uniqueness and make it easier for friends and family to find you during your graduation ceremony.

- Check to make sure you have your graduation tassel on hand.

Now that you are fully prepared for Graduation Day, our local tassel manufacturing company, Tassel Depot, wants to congratulate you on all of your accomplishments and wishes you the very best in your future endeavors!