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With the holidays just around the corner…‘tis the season for giving! If you have a family member who will soon be a high school or college graduate, give them a gift that can be treasured forever. Preserve their academic memories with a graduation ornament tassel.

Graduation ornament tassels are clear Christmas ornaments that can be filled with tassels of any color and graduation year (up to three colors can be included in the ornament). Show off your school spirit with your school’s colors displayed on your tree, for years to come. Offer your family graduate the best of luck after this major accomplishment and stepping stone, with this unique graduation gift for Christmas.

These custom graduation ornaments make the perfect graduation gift, even as a memento for the parents of the graduate. Your special graduate deserves a gift as unique as they are, so whether they are graduating grammar school, high school, or higher education, the graduation ornament tassel is a delightful graduation gift for all ages.

If you are looking for a gift for a graduate year that has already passed, contact Tassel Depot directly, so that they can help you. This unique keepsake is available online and can be purchased in bulk as well. Use Tassel Depot’s online store to purchase your graduation ornament tassel and receive it before Christmas.