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Kindergarten Graduation Tips

Holding a kindergarten graduation is a great way to have a little fun at the end of the school year. Here at Tassel Depot, we understand that calling it “graduation” might add some stress to the event. Teachers are already stressed at the end of the year, and no more needs to be added. We have seen different ways that teachers can celebrate the end of the year without the added stress of holding a full-blown graduation. Our team is excited to share some of our favorite ways that teachers or parents can hold a stress-free celebration. Plus, we have all the graduation supplies you’ll need!  

The goal is for it to be simple, short, and sweet. You still want to keep it fun for all the kids! 

Do You Graduate From Kindergarten?

While having a graduation ceremony might not seem important for kindergarteners moving on to the first grade, it is still a fun way to celebrate the kids' achievements. Many programs and schools across the country have a celebratory ceremony for the children, though they don’t all refer to it as kindergarten graduation.

Some communities even say these graduations bring the school and families together while showing support for the kids. From kindergarten to first grade, the curriculum and life of the children will change slightly more than what changed between Pre-K and Kindergarten. Letting the kids see how much they are supported can build their confidence and prepare them for the school years to come.

Simple Ways to Celebrate Graduating Kindergarten

To keep stress levels low for everyone, plan ahead! The preparation for this celebration will help you get a head start and reduce the risk of any last-minute plans not working out. Below are a few things to keep in mind when planning your event.


To prepare, in the weeks leading up to the kindergarten graduation, send home invitations to the parents and families of each child. You may also want to include a snack sign-up for the parents. They can select which snacks they would like to bring in that day. Again, keep it simple. Cookies, fruit, pretzels, water bottles, and juices will probably be the best route. Most schools prohibit anything containing nuts, and other schools have other prohibited items. Make sure that any items that parents sign up to bring can be brought in. 

Graduation Apparel & More

One of our favorite ways to celebrate graduation from kindergarten is, of course, the apparel. At Tassel Depot, we have a large assortment of graduation caps and kinder tassels to choose from to have the children looking the best. You can also purchase our Kinder Cap, Gown, and Tassel Pack!

In addition, Tassel Depot offers party supplies. Teachers can get event tassels that match the school colors or even the theme of the celebration.


Handing out diplomas is easily the highlight of the entire event. Graduation music plays while the kids are lined up and dressed up in their caps and gowns. Now you hand them their diplomas or certificates while the parents snap away on their cameras or smart devices. After all, this is an important representation of their achievements and completion of kindergarten.

If you want to take it to the next level, we also offer diploma covers for those little graduates.

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