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International Graduation Stoles
International Graduation Stoles

International Graduation Stoles

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International Graduation Stoles for those Distinguished Graduates who want to display their countries proudly. Manufacturer Direct. Great Price. Quick Delivery.
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International Graduation Stoles, also known as International graduation sashes, are available in a variety of rich solid colors with embroidered Flags. These satin custom stoles are worn around the neck over the graduation gowns and robes during commencement or other ceremonies. Price is inclusive of 1 Country Flag only.  For multiple Flags or other customization, please call (954-698-0000) or email [email protected].

International Graduation Stoles are 62" long with a gently tapered width of 4” at the neck and 5" at the bottom. With these measurements, these embroidered stoles are the ideal one size fits all length.

These International graduation stoles help graduating scholars stand out from their fellow students. Whether your graduates are attending their commencement ceremony or taking commemorative photos, these brightly colored graduation stoles are the perfect accessory to complete to their graduation outfit. The asterisk* next to the Flag name indicates a one time necessary digitizing fee.

International Graduation Stoles can be customized with extra initials, logos, names, and/or class title. You get to choose the stole color and thread color for a unique look. Custom embroidery is done on an individual basis and is usually shipped within 2 weeks from order date. Custom stoles add additional costs to the item. An intricate logo or design may require additional production time.

The custom designs and high-quality embroidery elevate these custom graduation stoles. Scholars can save them as keepsakes after graduation. They can serve as a truly personal reminder of their academic achievements or professional victories.

In addition to International graduation sashes, you can also order Plain Graduation Stoles or Embroidered Graduation Stoles. They are made of high-quality satin and manufactured in the U.S. At Tassel Depot, we promise quick delivery! Simple letters or designs can be available to ship from a few days to one and half weeks. Embroidery is done on a custom basis and shipped within approximately 2 weeks from order date.

*Custom color, logo or design may require additional production time and digitizing fees. Please email [email protected] or call (888) 827-7351 to order custom stoles. For more information on pricing and delivery, call (954) 698-0000 or email [email protected].

We gladly accept "official" school purchase orders. Please fax to 954-698-0009 or email to [email protected].

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