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Ways to Incorporate Tassels in Your Wedding

Yes, tassels are back! They are a must-try trend this season and they will make any wedding look spectacular and stylish. Tassels have been a symbol of prestige and status throughout the years. So, why not make your wedding trendy and fashionable by adding some tassels to your décor? Tassel Depot carries a variety of cords, tassels, and other novelty trimmings of the highest quality that will make your wedding décor stand out and amaze your guests. Here are three ways to incorporate cords and tassels into your wedding.

Wedding cords – Unity cords of three strands are a great keepsake. The three strands symbolize the love and union between the bride, groom, and God, and the beginning of a new journey. The wedding cord can be framed into a portrait with a picture of the bride and groom, a wedding quote, and the date of their union, making this a very meaningful and beautiful keepsake.

Ring Pillow – Boost your ring pillow’s appearance by looping the ribbon that holds the wedding bands through a chic tassel charm and instantly amp up the style of the pillow. The simplest wedding decor can be made more elegant by adding a gold tassel charm, including centerpieces and wedding keepsakes.

A Boutonniere for the Groom – Although you may believe this sounds crazy, you can create a unique and beautiful boutonniere for the groom and his men by using a tassel charm and some fabric glue. Attach the tassel charm to a tuxedo-style bow and voilà! You will get a wonderful, dapper boutonniere.