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How to Wear Graduation Cords

Graduation cords are something that most people are proud to wear. Whether you will be graduating from high school or college, you have accomplished something monumental, and you deserve the recognition you worked so hard for. At Tassel Depot, we want everyone to feel proud on their special day. We have put together a brief guide on how the different tassels and stoles should be worn and how to wear graduation cords. Keep reading to find out more. 

How to Wear Multiple Stoles for Graduation 

The difference between a stole, a sash, and a cord is their appearance. Do cords go over stoles? They can all be worn simultaneously by being stacked on top of each other. Stoles and sashes are made of satin, while a cord is made of thick yarn or rope material. Cords are usually given for academic achievement, while stoles or sashes are commonly given for club or Greek life participation. 

These stoles, sashes, and cords are worn over the shoulders and across the back of the neck. They are to hang in front of your body on your right and left sides. Though they are different and will vary based on the institution, there is no wrong way. Some people have multiple cords and sashes, while others only have one cord and no sash.

Many people keep their stoles and sashes well after graduation to hang them up in their homes and show them off to visitors. 

What Do Double Honor Cords Mean?  

 Double honor cords are frequently used to signify extremely high honors. Summa cum laude is generally categorized as the highest honor. Other times, double honor cords can be representative of cum laude and magna cum laude. Anyone wearing these types of cords should be tremendously proud of themselves and their accomplishments.  Here is a look at the prestigious academic honors compared: 

Cum Laude 

The lowest of the three Latin cords, but still an honor to be proud of. “Cum laude” translates to the phrase “with praise” in Latin. This honor would require a GPA of 3.0. 

Magna Cum Laude 

The second highest level of honor is magna cum laude. This translates to “with great honor” in Latin. Students would need to have received a GPA of 3.7.

Summa Cum Laude 

Summa cum laude means “with the highest honor” in Latin. It signifies that you are among "the best of the best" and that your academic achievement is paramount. You would normally need a 3.9 GPA or above to attain this honor.

More About Tassel Depot 

Tassel Depot is a company specializing in the making and distributing of graduation clothing and accessories to help make every student’s graduation memorable. Besides teaching our readers how to wear graduation cords, we offer a wide collection of products. Accessories for graduation that we offer include graduation cord charms, graduation tassels, and cap and gown tassels. Plus, we carry diploma covers to display your diploma alongside a photo. Contact us today to learn more.