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How to Take Graduation Photos You Can Be Proud Of

Someone’s graduation is one of the most important parts of their lives. When someone experiences such a memorable moment, it is only natural for them to try to gather as much memorabilia as possible, including an array of photographs. Graduation photos are set to be handed down in a single family from generation to generation. This means that you need to make sure that the pictures that you choose to use are as high-quality as possible. As one of the top providers of graduation accessories, Tassel Depot has seen it all when it comes to graduations and graduation ceremonies. If you want to learn how to take graduation photos, do not hesitate to continue reading below. 

Graduation Photo Tips

If you are learning how to take graduation photos, it is important to have some technical considerations. To start, as you learn how to take graduation photos, it is important to make sure that you have the right camera and equipment to take high-quality photos. After getting these tools, our professionals recommend that you take the photos as close as possible, ensuring that your facial features and expressions are pronounced and clear. 

If you are taking the photos yourself, it is important to use portrait mode so that the background is not distracting and to keep the main focus of the photograph on your face. There are many different types of graduation photos, as some ceremonies take place outdoors while others are held inside gymnasiums. This means that you should adjust your camera’s settings to allow for the highest quality picture given the conditions that you are photographing. 

When it comes to portrait shots, it is important to choose a secluded area with as little background activity as possible. Aside from allowing the camera to capture your photo correctly, it also makes for a better portrait picture because of the clearer background. If you cannot find a clear background, you could use a screen or blanket to provide the perfect still background.  

Lastly, when it comes to graduation photoshoot tips, another aspect to consider is the lighting of the set. If it is too bright outside, you will need to bring a reflector. This allows you to aim the light toward yourself while you are taking a photo if your camera does not have a flash or if you want to redirect light toward yourself while you take the photo. 

How to Take Good Graduation Photos

Now that you have some basic tips on what you can expect when you are taking your own photos, there are some additional tips that you should keep in mind so that you have eye-catching photos of your graduation. One of the best ways to make your photos unique is to wear as many graduation accessories as possible. This allows you to show off what you have worked on during your academic career while looking stylish in your graduation garb. Some of these accessories for graduation include graduation cord charms, graduation tassels, and cap and gown tassels. You can even hold a diploma cover in your photo.

What Time Is Best for Graduation Pictures?

The success of your photo session can be greatly impacted by selecting the best time for your graduation photos. With the appropriate timing, you can capture the best possible photos of this momentous occasion, complete with perfect lighting and a stunning backdrop. 

 Some considerations to help you decide when to schedule your graduation photo session include:

  • Golden hour: Soft, warm lighting is best in the hour just after sunrise or just before sunset, which improves the overall appearance of your pictures. The soft, golden tones give photographs a charming sheen and a hint of magic. 
  • Morning: Soft, diffused light and fewer distractions make it simpler to concentrate on taking beautiful photos during early morning sessions. Furthermore, parks and other outdoor spaces are frequently less busy at this time of day, giving you more privacy and freedom to select where to take pictures. 
  • Late afternoon: If an early morning session isn't possible, a late afternoon session is also a great choice. The light softens and covers your surroundings with a warm glow as the sun begins to set. Additionally, this time of day gives a lovely balance between daylight and the beginning of twilight, making for moody, intriguing photos. 
  • Weekdays vs. Weekends: Popular shooting spots are less crowded on weekdays, allowing for longer photo sessions. If weekends are your only available time, think about planning your shoot during off-peak hours to get the most out of your shooting time and avoid crowds. 
  • Weather considerations: Pay attention to the weather report and make appropriate plans. Overcast days can produce soft, pleasing light with few hard shadows, whereas sunny skies produce vibrant colors and a lively environment. Prepare backup plans for inclement weather, such as inside sites or rescheduling possibilities.

Ultimately, the ideal timing for taking graduation pictures relies on your tastes, availability, and preferred look. Whichever time of day you choose—the dreamy splendor of dawn, the cozy glow of golden hour, or the peaceful atmosphere of late afternoon—making the most of this special occasion will guarantee that your graduation pictures are truly memorable.

What Should I Wear for Grad Photos?

Choosing the right attire for your graduation photoshoot is critical to ensuring you look and feel your best in the photographs that will remember this momentous milestone. 

First of all, dress in ways that express your individuality while still looking classic and put together. A well-fitting suit or dress in a neutral color scheme like gray, black, white, or navy is a timeless option that will guarantee your pictures look good for years to come. Steer clear of busy patterns or extremely trendy items as they could detract from the images' main purpose, which is to celebrate your academic success. 

When choosing your outfit, don't forget to take into account the location and backdrop of your photo shoot. When shooting outdoor shots in a natural setting, wear colors that go well with the surroundings, such as pastels or earth tones. Dressing elegantly and sensibly for indoor photo shoots, such as with a fitted blazer or a stylish cocktail dress, can elevate the images you take. In the end, it's important to dress in a way that exudes confidence and comfort so that your individuality can be captured in your graduation pictures.

More About Tassel Depot

Tassel Depot is a purveyor of graduation clothing and accessories that is dedicated to helping those who will be graduating with the items that help make their graduation even more memorable. Other than teaching our readers how to shoot graduation photos and how to take graduation photos, we offer a wide collection of products. Contact us today to learn more.