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Tips on How to Keep Glasses from Fogging Up with a Mask

As more and more people are wearing masks to work or when doing their daily errands, a few problem spots have been identified. For those who wear glasses regularly, a common problem they experience when wearing masks is that their lenses constantly fog up. As they breathe out, condensation sticks onto the surface of their lenses, causing a layer of fog to appear and making it harder to see. Thankfully, some people have figured out how to stop glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask. These are just a few anti-fog hacks for glasses you can do when wearing a mask.

Put Glasses Over Your Mask

One of the simplest anti-fog hacks for glasses is to bring up your mask so that it sits higher on your nose. Then, put on your glasses and make sure they sit on top of the mask. As you exhale, your breath should miss your glasses, therefore, preventing any fogging.

Wash Glasses with Dish Soap

Another tip to stop glasses from fogging up is to wash your glasses with dish soap. Wash the inside and outside of your lenses with dish soap. Rinse them and then either wait for them to air dry or dry with a soft microfiber cloth designed specifically for glasses. The logic behind this trick is that the soap will leave behind a film, preventing any fogging.

Put on Micropore Tape

Sealing the area where your mask sits on your nose bridge is another way to stop glasses from fogging up. If your face mask for coronavirus protection doesn’t have an adjustable metal nose bridge, or if you have a flatter nose, try using micropore tape. Tape it across the bridge of your nose and onto your cheeks. As a result, the tape will prevent your breath from escaping through the top of your mask and fogging up your glasses.

Fold in a Tissue Inside Your Mask

Want to learn how to stop glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask? Take inspiration from Asia! People in countries like Japan, Korea, and China have been wearing face masks way before the COVID-19 pandemic.1 This anti-fog hack for glasses is popular with mask wearers in those countries. Fold a piece of tissue into a rectangle and insert it in between your mask and your nose bridge. Your breath and any water droplets that come with it should be absorbed by the tissue before it reaches your glasses.

Use an Anti-Fogging Spray or Product

Fogging has been a common problem for those with glasses with or without face masks. As a result, there are several commercially available anti-fogging sprays and wipes for glasses. These products have anti-fog agents -- chemicals that should prevent the condensation of water from building up on the surfaces of your lenses. Similar to the dish soap trick, anti-fogging products create a film on your lenses to act as a barrier from water droplets to prevent fogging.

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  1. Cynthia Kim Beglin, Psychology Today – Why Was Mask Wearing Popular In Asia Even Before Covid-19?