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How Do You Get a Graduation Stole?

Is graduation approaching and you want to display your academic or extracurricular achievements with a graduation stole? Tassel Depot wants you to look your best on your graduation day with custom stoles and accessories.

What Is a Graduation Stole?

Graduation stoles or graduation sashes are worn around your neck on graduation day, representing achievement, success, or membership. Stoles for graduation come in numerous colors and are often embellished with logos or designs to represent various achievements or affiliations. Although usually not required, graduates enjoy displaying their custom graduation stoles for their academic or extracurricular accomplishments.

For high school graduations, commencement speakers, valedictorians, and salutatorians will wear stoles that indicate their academic standing among their peers. Other graduates may wear stoles to represent their extracurricular memberships such as drama, foreign language, science, speech & debate, or volunteer efforts.

Didn’t participate in a club, but want to distinguish yourself by wearing a stole on graduation day? Cultural stoles or sashes for graduation proudly represent one’s culture or heritage. Customize a graduation sash to feature colors representing a flag or other cultural significance.  

For colleges and universities, graduating students may wear a stole to indicate their affiliation with a fraternity, sorority, or other clubs and academic societies they participated in. Other graduating students may wear a stole to represent their field of study, each represented by a different color.

What Do Graduation Stole Colors Represent?

·       Dark Blue: Philosophy & Political Science

·       Light Blue: Education

·       Beige: Business

·       Brown: Fine Arts & Architecture

·       Gray: Agriculture & Veterinary Science

·       Green: Medicine, Pharmacy, & Physical Education

·       Orange: Engineering

·       Pink: Music

·       Purple: Law

·       White: Humanities, including Arts, English, History, Religious Studies, etc.

·       Yellow: Mathematics & Science

What Are Graduation Cords?

If you are a member of more than one club or have multiple academic achievements you are proud to acknowledge, your custom graduation stole can be paired with graduation cords. Graduation honor cords can signify a graduate’s membership to specific honor societies, fraternities, or sororities. Some universities award graduation cords to students who graduated cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude. Unlike traditional stoles or tassels for graduation, there can be multiple cords featured.

Customize Your Graduation Stole at Tassel Depot

We want you to look your best on graduation day! Whether you are a school administrator ordering in bulk or a proud parent ordering graduation accessories, contact us or email Tassel Depot for your custom stoles and cords. We can assist with all your graduation accessory needs. We provide tassels, not hassles! 


Can You Wear a Custom Graduation Stole? 

At Tassel Depot, we know that some graduates want cap and gown accessories for their graduation apparel. This is because they want people to know who they are in the slew of gowns, but we know there are many ways that you can customize your stole. But some may question, “Can you wear a custom graduation stole?”

The guidelines regarding wearing custom graduation stoles can vary depending on the policies and regulations of the educational institution or the ceremony organizers. In many cases, graduates can wear custom graduation stoles to showcase their achievements, affiliations, or cultural heritage. This could also match what your ropes for graduation sash for graduation recommend. If you are considering wearing a custom graduation stole, it is advisable to consult with your educational institution or the ceremony organizers well in advance to understand their specific policies and procedures regarding custom stoles.

Most Common Ideas for Customized Graduation Stoles

As mentioned above, customized stoles offer an excellent opportunity for graduates to personalize their attire and showcase their achievements and identity. If you are allowed to customize your stole, some of the most commonly used ways to customize graduation stoles are to add one or more of the following into the design:

  • Graduates often customize stoles to represent their membership in specific honor societies or academic organizations. This can include embroidering the society's name, emblem, or colors onto the stole.

  • Some graduates incorporate symbols, dyes, or designs that reflect their cultural heritage or identity. This could include patterns, flags, or emblems associated with their cultural background.

  • Custom stoles can be used to highlight personal achievements, such as academic honors, research projects, or awards received during the study. This can involve embroidering or printing specific achievements or logos onto the stole.

  • Graduates passionate about social causes may customize their stoles to raise awareness or show support for a particular issue. This can involve incorporating relevant symbols, quotes, or imagery related to the cause.

  • Some graduates choose to include personal messages or quotes that hold significance to them. This could be a motivating phrase, a dedication to loved ones, or words representing their journey.

  • Embroidered graduation stoles are another popular way to customize a graduation stole. Embroidered graduation stoles are customized stoles that feature intricate designs or text embroidered onto the fabric. Embroidery involves using colored threads to create decorative patterns, logos, names, or other details on the stole.

How to Wear a Graduation Stole

To wear a graduation stole:

  1. Begin by placing it around your neck, allowing it to hang evenly down the front of your graduation gown.

  2. Ensure that the stole lies flat and centered on your shoulders.

  3. Adjust the length of the stole so that it falls at an equal length on both sides.

  4. Be careful not to cover important regalia, such as honor cords or sashes.

  5. Double-check in a mirror to ensure a neat and balanced appearance.

  6. During the ceremony, keep the stole in place, avoiding excessive movement that may cause it to shift or become uneven.

How to Wear Multiple Stoles at Graduation

To wear multiple graduation stoles at graduation, we recommend that you follow these steps: 

  • Begin by draping the base stole, usually representing your academic institution, around your neck with both ends hanging evenly in front. Adjust the length so that it falls at an appropriate length.

  • Place the other stoles on top of the base stole, one at a time. Ensure they are arranged in order of importance or significance, with the most important stole closest to your neck.

  • Adjust the stoles so that each one is visible and identifiable. They should not overlap or cover each other entirely.

  • Ensure that all stoles are of similar length or are adjusted to fall at an equal length on both sides.

  • Once all the stoles are in place, check in a mirror to ensure they are secure and well-positioned. Avoid excessive movement that may cause the stoles to shift or become uneven during the ceremony.

More About Tassel Depot

If you know about Tassel Depot, you know we are experienced in all things related to graduations, from gear to accessories and more. Aside from our information that details how to get graduation stoles and how to customize them, we help our customers get connected to the best clothing for them.

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