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How Long Should You Read a Day?

Someone that is graduating from high school and entering college will want to learn what the optimal reading time is. For one, reading is an integral part of the college experience and one that is extremely necessary for you to have a successful academic career. Aside from being one of the most important parts of an academic process, reading has many benefits that are not reflected in a GPA or academic report. For one, reading is an extremely therapeutic process that could give people new perspectives on their lives and even educate them on things that they are interested in. So, how long should you read a day, and how much should you read a day? Tassel Depot answers these questions in the following blog. 

What Are the Benefits of Reading Books? 

There are many benefits to reading books. For one, this could be a hobby that could help you meet people or forge relationships based on a common interest. As useful as this is, it is not a benefit that is exclusive to reading. A great benefit of this hobby is the fact that there are many different genres or things that you can read about. People generally have changing interests, and reading books connect them to others that are well-versed in the topic. Some more concrete benefits of daily reading are explained below. 

Brain Strength

Like any other muscle in the body, your brain needs to be used regularly and exercised to be as sharp as possible. Reading works as a metaphorical weight in this instance, giving your brain more stimulation while using different cognitive functions.

Increased Attention and Concentration Levels

Using a stimulation like reading that requires a high level of concentration gives you more of an attention span compared to other forms of stimulation like social media or video games. People are increasingly losing their attention span, and reading 30 minutes a day or more is a proven way to increase it. Reading effectively requires a higher level of concentration, which could translate into positive effects on someone’s life. 

Vocabulary Booster

Another benefit of reading literature is the fact that reading increases someone’s vocabulary. Having an extensive vocabulary can leave better first impressions, which can help you succeed and excel in your professional life.

Health Benefits of Reading

How much should you read a day to experience some health benefits? Tassel Depot is here to explain that you should be reading at least 30 minutes a day to experience some of the benefits of reading books. These health benefits of reading include improved brain connectivity, stress relief, and increased sleep preparation. All three of these benefits can come in handy if you are experiencing stress, which leads to lower-quality sleep. The negative impacts of lower-quality sleep could be reflected in a higher propensity for obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. 

How Much Should You Read a Day? 

How often should you read? There is no correct answer to this question because everyone will respond differently or have different levels of enjoyment. The correct answer to this question is reading whatever fulfills your “itch” for reading. Reading with low lighting and whatever topic interests you is a surefire way to get all of the benefits of reading, as mentioned in this article. However, the minimum amount of recommended reading time per day for adults is around 30 minutes per day. 

Benefits of Reading Fiction

For those that work in creative industries, reading fiction provides many benefits. Fiction could make you more creative and make you empathize more with other people’s struggles. For creatives that spend a lot of time ideating or writing, spending time on fiction is a reliable way to increase their skills or productivity at work.

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