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With the holidays right around the corner, you may be wondering what to buy for your soon-to-be-graduate to show them how proud you are of them and all of their recent accomplishments. Fortunately, Tassel Depot has a wide variety of graduation gifts and holiday gift ideas that are sure to make the graduate in your life smile with pride. Since 1864, Tassel Depot has been providing customers with high-quality products and now we have expanded with a full line of holiday gifts for graduates!

·         The Graduation Necklace – Available in hundreds of colors and combinations, this necklace is the perfect graduation gift for someone who appreciates fashion and has a sense of style! The graduation tassel necklace consists of a 35” cord necklace with 6” chainette tassel for $8.50 each.

·         The Graduation Bracelet – Just as the graduation necklace, the graduation bracelet is an ideal holiday gift idea for your graduate if he or she is fashion-forward. The graduation tassel bracelet comes in over one-hundred different color combinations for $5.00 each.

·         The Graduation Ornament Tassel – What every graduate needs this holiday season; a personalized graduation ornament tassel will remind your graduate each upcoming Christmas of the numerous accomplishments they have made and how far they have come. This unique holiday graduation gift preserves school memories in a beautiful glass ornament and comes in a variety of colors. Discounts are available for more pieces purchased, so order your graduation Christmas ornaments today!