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The History of Mascots

Mascots for high schools, universities, and sports teams are a staple of several cultures and are a look into the personality and character of the area or people that the mascot is meant to represent. The history of mascots is a long one that isn’t so easy to pin down to a specific date, but the team at Tassel Depot, providers of graduation accessories for over 150 years, are determined to get to the bottom of it! In this overview, we will discuss what a mascot is meant to represent and inspire as well as a brief look into the history of mascots.

What Is the Purpose of a Mascot?

In establishing what a mascot’s purpose is, it is important to first understand that they are meant to inspire pride. For this reason, the mascot name or design tries to display the history or personality of the institution or area that uses it. This is why an area with a large history of mining, for example, will tend to name the mascot for their local schools or institutions with something related to the industry. The history of mascots is usually directly related to something the area is proud of. Having a symbol that the entire community is represented is a great way to get past issues that may have been affecting the area and focus on the unity and pride that the mascot is showing. This concept has proven to be one that people enjoy getting behind and has had huge success in its incorporation! But where did it all begin?

What Were the First Mascots like?

Although the concept of using symbolism in the form of people or animals is as old as time itself, the history of mascots truly begins with one of the organizations that use them the most, sports teams. Amateur and professional sports teams began to use animals as symbols for their teams and leagues in the mid-19th century. During the first years, the mascots were commonly live animals! For some reason, this trend died out, and the real animals were replaced by people in suits that were meant to mimic the way the initial mascots looked. As imaginations grew and mascots became more common, people were brought into the mix. This style of mascot persists today, usually in the form of an exaggerated worker that would be associated with a local industry.

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The history of mascots is a fun thing to investigate, and if you attend an institution that makes use of one, we encourage you to do research into your own mascot to see what it represents and how it ties into the local community. If you are reaching the end of your tenure and will soon be saying goodbye to your mascot, be sure to outfit yourself with the very best graduation cords, graduation tassels, and more by contacting our team! Be sure to also read some of our other articles to learn more about all things accessories!

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