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Kindness Matters High School Honor Cord

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Your Price: $4.00
KM365 High School Honor Cord
Part Number: S365HC-HS-SAM365TEAL/WH
Quantity Price
1 - 24 $4.00
24 - 99 $3.50
50 - 99 $3.00
100 - 499 $2.75
500+ $1.75

SHOW YOUR KINDNESS! Wearing a KM 365 Honor Cord at a High School graduation or moving-up ceremony is a great way for you to demonstrate your achievement to our club, and your commitment to being a Kinder Student. An honor cord is also the perfect embellishment for your Keepsake / Memory Box. All cords are ¼” in diameter and approximately 60” long with 4” tassels at each end…making a total finished cord length of about 68".

We gladly accept “official” school purchase orders. Please fax to 954-698-0009 or email to [email protected].

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

For larger orders, please call for pricing.


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