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Best Hairstyles to Wear with a Face Mask

As face masks have quickly become essential due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many have adapted not only their outfits, but also their hairstyles to make mask wearing more convenient, yet still fun and fashionable. Do you want to keep your hair out of your eyes when you are wearing a face mask for coronavirus protection? Would you rather not have your face shield keep on slipping down your head throughout the day? Or do you want to reduce the strain on your ears that face mask elastics can cause? Check out these simple hairstyles for face masks and face shields!

Top Knot

A top knot bun is a great hairstyle for face masks and face shields, especially if you want to keep hair out of your face and eyes as much as possible. Since the bun is on top of your head, your hair doesn’t get in the way of the elastic straps of your face shield which prevents slippage or any hair-pulling. A top knot is also a super simple and easy hairstyle to do. First, make a high ponytail and twist the remaining hair. Take that twisted hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail until all your hair is in a bun. Finally, secure the bun with another hair tie or bobby pins.

Low Pigtail Buns

If your ears are starting to hurt due to the elastic hoops of your face mask, low pigtail buns may be the best option for you. A variation of space buns, this hairstyle allows you to secure your face masks’ elastic hoops onto the buns on each side of your head instead of your ears. This hairstyle has become increasingly popular with nurses and other healthcare professionals.1 To create this hairstyle, split your hair into a middle part and create two low ponytails at each side of your head. Either braid or twist each ponytail and then wrap it all the way around the base. Secure with bobby clips or another hair tie.

Bandana Hairstyles of Face Masks

Other hairstyles for face masks that prevent ear strain are ones that use a bandana. For the first bandana hairstyle, you will need to put a folded bandana at the base of your head with the end laying on your shoulders. Slip the bandana ends into the elastic loops of your face mask. Position the face mask over your nose and mouth. Then, take the two bandana ends and tie them together at the top of your head. For the second bandana hairstyle, make a ponytail and put the bandana at the base of your neck with the ends laying on your shoulders. Slip the bandana ends into the elastic loops of your face mask and position the mask over your nose and mouth.Take the two ends and tie them around the ponytail base.

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