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Some Great Graduation Stole Ideas

Some Great Graduation Stole Ideas

Graduation stoles can be so much more than an extra accessory to your outfit during a ceremony, they can be turned into a form of expression that shows the world what you love and who you are. Tassel Depot, providers of amazing graduation stoles for over 150 years, present some graduation stole ideas to make your ceremony one to remember! There are many different ways to make a stole your own, in this overview, we will cover both already decorated stoles and the possibility of customizing them yourself.

What Type of Decorated Stoles to Consider?

When deciding which customized graduation stoles to consider for your ceremony, take a minute to really evaluate what makes you the person you are! If they are your love of certain times of year and holidays, take a look at some of the customized graduation stoles that are crafted in the style of the holiday through imagery, design, and coloring. If your graduation stole ideas circle back to things that make you personally proud or excited, such as your membership to the LGBTQ community, rest assured that there is no shortage of stole decoration pieces that are tailored to meet that desire. Whether you’re planning on getting a more traditional or personal stole, there are plenty of more things that you can do to customize graduation stoles to your personality and interest. A mix of both already customized and personal customization is the perfect way to create graduation stoles that feel uniquely your own.

How to Customize Your Graduation Stole?

Once you’ve got your graduation stole ideas, there are plenty of ways to turn your stole into a flag of both character and personality! If you are looking to display a social cause or extracurricular community you are a member of, display it front and center in the form of a button, patch, or drawing right on the side or all to see. If you are attempting to add a bit of flair to your customized graduation stole, rhinestones or ribbons are perfect! They are not only fun and attention-grabbing but are also a great way to stand out from the rest of the crowd during your graduation ceremony. There are many different graduation stole ideas to consider, but the most important thing is that they feel personal to you as a graduate and person. You got all the way to the ceremony by applying yourself and being yourself–make sure to show it!

The Best Graduation Accessories Are Available 

Now that you’ve got some graduation stole ideas, be sure to contact Tassel Depot for all your graduation accessory needs! Our team provides everything from stoles to graduation tassels to ensure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd come graduation time. Be sure to read some more of our teams’ articles to learn more about everything about graduation and education.

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