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Graduation Tassel Rules

About Graduation Tassel Rules

Graduation tassels symbolize a momentous achievement and the transition from student life to the next chapter. They serve as a visual distinction, denoting academic success and honoring graduates' hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The tassel's color often reflects the graduate's field of study or degree level, further emphasizing their accomplishments. It may be surprising to many that there are specific graduation tassel rules that you need to account for when the time comes for your graduation ceremony. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, tassels foster a sense of unity and tradition among graduates, creating a shared experience and a lasting memory of the graduation ceremony. They serve as a tangible reminder of the knowledge gained, the friendships formed, and the potential for future success. Please continue reading below to learn more about tassels and the rules you might need to follow, provided by the experts at Tassel Depot, suppliers of ropes for graduation and graduation honor cords.

Most Popular Tassel Rules for Graduation

The rules regarding tassels vary depending on the institution you are graduating from and its cultural traditions. There are some standard practices and guidelines that need to be followed. Some of the most relevant ones are listed below:  

Placement: The tassel is initially positioned on the right side of the graduation cap before the ceremony begins. 

 Honor Cords: Besides the tassel, graduates may wear honor cords to signify high academic achievements, membership in honor societies, or other notable accomplishments. There are many graduation cords depending on your academic achievements. These cords are usually worn around the neck along with the graduation gown.  While these are the most common rules that must be followed, they could vary depending on the college you are graduating from and even personal preference.

Does the Tassel Go From Left to Right? 

Perhaps the most crucial graduation tassel rule is the movement of the tassel from one side of the hat to another. At a designated moment during the ceremony, typically when all graduates are announced as graduates, there is a symbolic gesture where graduates shift their tassels from the right side to the left side of their caps. This shift signifies the official graduation and the transition from student to graduate. The ceremony officiant instructs the shifting of the tassel during a specific moment, which changes from academic institution to academic institution. 

What Side Does the Tassel Go On for Doctorates? 

The tassel is typically worn on the left side for doctorates throughout the ceremony, contrasting with other graduation ceremonies where the tassel is moved from one side to another. This is a result of students graduating from a doctorate program already being graduated. 

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