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Graduation Party Favor Ideas

Graduating high school and college are both monumental accomplishments in life; it is a grandiose moment that should be celebrated with friends and family. But of course, you don’t want to have the typical, cookie-cutter graduation party; so, what can you do to ensure that everyone remembers the party for years to come? Think outside the box and send them home with a graduation party favor that will remind them of your huge accomplishment and all the fun they had celebrating the moment with you.

1. Candy is one of the most common party favors for almost every occasion. However, there are many ways to make your graduation party favors unique. Offer your guests a small box of candy adorned with a graduation tassel of your school colors. Graduation tassels can be found in almost every color and in a variety of sizes. For an extra special touch, add in a custom tassel tag. Perhaps your name and graduation year, or your initials.

2. College reveal party favors can be a special treat for your guests if they are unaware of the school you got accepted into. Whether you are going off to college for the first time or seeking a higher level of education, you can surprise your guests with a graduation tassel for your future school. Place the tassel in a box or bag and advise everyone to wait to open it at the same time. Your guests are sure to be thrilled of the news, and it will be a unique reminder of your graduation party for years to come!

3. For a graduation party favor idea that forces you to go big or go home, stop and chat with each of your party guests and bestow upon them an honor cord with your favorite color or school colors. This party favor will add a personalized touch and really show your guests how much you appreciate having them at your graduation party.