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Graduation is not only a milestone, but one of the greatest achievements that someone can accomplish – which calls for a celebration! If you or your loved one is graduating this year, there is no better way to celebrate your occasion then throwing a graduation party.

If you have placed your graduation tassel on your cap and have your graduation gown ready, you are half-way there to the party you’ve been waiting for. Here are some of the most unique graduation party décor ideas that are must-haves for your upcoming celebration:

1. Diploma napkins. Wrap food utensils in white napkins and tie with black ribbon. This will make your cutlery look like diplomas – perfect for the occasion!

2. Chocolate graduation pops. Use craft store sticks to poke the center of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. Once you have penetrated the candy ¾ of the way through, turn the stick right-side up (Reece’s should now be upside-down at the top of the stick). Place chocolate squares on top of the Reece’s to create a ‘graduation cap’ look. Decorate graduation cakes with string cap for graduation tassels and M&Ms to hold them in place. These make great graduation favors, because who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

3. Graduation pretzels. Think about it, soft pretzels are nothing but buttery goodness topped with butter – but today make them top even more. Use canned pizza crust to help make your creation process easier. Unroll the pizza crust until flat and cut into strips. Use the strips of dough to make a graduation cap. For complete directions on how to make graduation pretzels , click here.