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What Is the Meaning Behind the Graduation Owl?

What Is the Meaning Behind the Graduation Owl?

The world is flush with different traditions surrounding events of all sorts. Weddings have the woman in white, New Year’s Eve has the countdown, Christmas has the tree, and graduations have the long-standing graduation owl. Many graduates adorn themselves in this most present of graduation traditions in many different ways. Graduation owl decorations on caps, gowns, and more are practically guaranteed to be somewhere at the next graduation you attend.

Many people use this owl for tradition's sake, but many do not even know what the meaning behind the graduation owl is. Tassel Depot, the premier graduation accessory outfitter, has seen many traditional graduation gifts and accessories that have the graduation owl on them and have done some digging to get to the bottom of this mysterious symbol.

What Is the Meaning Behind the Owl with Graduation Cap?

The owl is a symbol of many things, but the trait it is most closely related to is that of wisdom. It stems from the Greek perception of the owl being tied in some way to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and just like many other things today, we took inspiration from ancient Greece. The graduation owl is tied to the traditional graduation because of what the ceremony represents, passing from one level of knowledge to another.

Adorning your graduation attire and accessories with the owl symbol is a great way to show that you feel like a more knowledgeable person than the one who entered the institution. But what are some great places to display this symbolic image?

Some Fun Places to Display the Graduation Owl

If you believe that the graduation owl would make a great addition to your outfit for the ceremony, be sure to know where you can display it without having it out of place. You can never go wrong with a graduation owl ornament if you want to commemorate the event forever. These mementos can even display inspiring messages and dates to immortalize your accomplishment forever.

Or, if you want to include the graduation owl in a more fun and delicious way, why not try making an owl graduation cake? That is a fun way to show that you not only know the meaning behind the bird but that you also want everyone to enjoy the event as much as you do.

Graduation Accessories for You

The graduation owl is commonly displayed on caps, graduation tassels, and other pieces of graduation attire that traditionally allow for personalized displays. Contact our team today to learn more about our graduation accessories or read some of our team’s articles on all things education!

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