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The Best Winter Graduation Outfits

Winter Graduation Outfits 

Midterms are approaching fast for college students, and before many of you know it winter graduation along with it! Graduation is an exciting time no matter the time of year. In reality, winter graduation does not differ much from a spring graduation, with the exception of temperature and weather. So what are some great winter graduation outfits?

What to Wear for Your Winter Graduation 

While schools vary in graduation ceremonies, there are three constants for most ceremonies. That is of course the graduation cap, gown, and tassel. In most cases, these will reflect your school’s colors, or default to traditional black, or dark blue. A great way to pick out a great winter graduation outfit is to know the color of these gowns. This shouldn’t be too hard to achieve simply by asking around your schools, and you will of course receive your gowns at least a few days prior to the ceremony.  

We find it is best to compliment the colors of your graduation attire, and not clash too much. The reality is that for the actual ceremony much of your outfit will be hidden under your gown, however for pictures and general celebrations after the ceremony some choose to unzip their gowns.  

Graduation Outfits for Women 

Graduation outfits should be semi-formal to formal, which for a winter graduation means more warmth! Some great-looking options that will also keep you warm include knit dresses, pantsuits, midi dresses, and long sleeve dresses. Boots, booties, and closed toes are great for keeping your feet warm, along with thick woolen socks!  

Graduation Outfits for Men 

For men’s outfits, you can’t really go wrong with a suit or sports coat. Wool jackets are great for retaining warmth and will keep you comfortable during the duration of your ceremony. For those in real cold weather, you can always add layers, such as an undershirt, followed by a long sleeve collared shirt, followed by a sweater, and finally a wool sports coat.  

Graduation Accessories 

While a majority of your outfit may be covered by graduation robes, there are ways to accessorize your winter graduation outfit to truly stand out from the crowd. At Tassel Depot we offer a variety of graduation accessories to complete your outfit.  

These items range from graduation stoles, graduation honor cords, tassels, and more! All of our items are completely customizable, with a wide range of color selections, and options to print or embroider personalized copy/text.  

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