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Graduation Cords Colors

Graduation is a lovely time to celebrate with family and friends. Graduating is a huge accomplishment, and every part of it should be celebrated. Having the correct color stole is something that can give great confidence. Whether the cord you are looking for is simply just to represent your school colors or to show off your magna cum laude accomplishment, our experts at Tassel Depot are here to help you. Below we provide the correct information about what graduation cords colors are best for you. 

What Are Different Colored Cords for Graduation? 

It’s important to note that colored graduation cords can mean different things for different institutions. Some cord color meanings are pretty universal, but it’s important to check with your particular school before making any big decisions regarding the color of your cords and regalia.  

Cords can mean different things from academic achievements like cum laude and magna cum laude, or they can signify a sorority or club that you participated in. There are also colored cords for volunteering and community service. There is truly a cord for everyone if they were to want it, and some cords are given by default. 

These are something to wear proudly, so it's important to ensure you wear the right one and that it truly represents you. 

 Honor Cord Colors 

There are many students that wear multiple cords, and there are some students that wear one single cord. Some schools will have all the students wear one mandatory cord to simply represent the school. There’s no need to compare your cords to others.

Below is a small guide to some universal honor cord color meanings that our experts have crafted for you: 


College commencement ceremonies are usually lengthier and have a more diverse group of students when it comes to their accolades and the specifics of what they studied. It’s usually quite interesting to see who wears what color. 

Dark Gold - Academic Accomplishments, Cum Laude 

Red, White, and Blue Triple Cord - Military service, ROTC, JROTC, French club 

Blue - Law Enforcement, Politics, Legal Degree 

Silver - Science, Medicine 

Light Gold -Theater, Drama 

Black - Business 

Pink - Music, Dance, Choir, Band 

Purple - Law Degree

High School 

High school commencement ceremonies aren't as diverse in the way that they will group people together. This means it usually isn't an individual wearing different colors. More often, you are part of a group that all have to wear the same color honor. Nonetheless, it is still interesting to see the different colors walk across the stage.  

 Silver - Indicates participation in community service and symbolizes hope and kindness. 

Purple - Indicates excellence in a career in technical education. Red - Students involved in many organizations or student government.

Gold - Symbolizes high honors and or a high GPA. 

Black - Excellent leadership skills in students.


More About Tassel Depot 

Tassel Depot is a purveyor of graduation clothing and accessories that is dedicated to helping those who will be graduating with the items that help make their graduation even more memorable. Other than teaching our readers about the different graduation cords colors, we offer a wide collection of products. Some of these accessories for graduation that we offer include graduation cord charms, graduation tassels, and cap and gown tassels. Contact us today to learn more.