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Great Graduation Party Themes and Ideas

Graduation season is finally here and all the graduates are eager to toss their diplomas and start celebrating.

As for friends and family, they are stressing out over showing up the next door neighbor’s graduation party. It is 2016 and everyone is competing over who can best DIY or actually make Pinterest ideas come to life. Luckily, Tassel Depot does have easy to mimic and unique ideas for a graduation party.

Below is a list of fun ways to tie tassels into your graduation party:

      1. Candy Bar

Whether your loved one is graduating from kindergarten, high school, or college, everyone loves candy! On a cloth covered table, lay out some ring pops and call them class rings. For some more fun, purchase some graduation themed desserts like crème filled Pirouette cookies, tie a tassel around each one, and display them as delicious diplomas. Yum!

2. Don’t forget to decorate the utensils too!

Your accessory display may include plates, napkins, and utensils can be themed décor as well. Wrap a utensil set of fork and knifes in a classic white napkin and top it off by tying a graduation bracelet the color of your choice (preferably school spirit colors) around the bundle. Graduation bracelets a neat graduation decoration, as well as a memorable party favor.

3. Décor, Décor, Décor      

There is such a thing as too much décor, so keep it classy, not tacky. The best way to go about decorating is by using balloons. Purchase a couple dozen of helium filled balloons and weigh them down with graduation tassels. When choosing balloons for a graduation party, stick to school colors, which are typically two colors and perfect for simple decorating. If you want to play it safe, buy all the balloons the same color and add a pop of color with the graduation tassels. If not, you can double up the balloon décor as a party favor by weighing them down with 2016 graduation party gifts such as graduation bookmarks.


Do not forget, when throwing a themed party, less is more. In the end, everyone is there to celebrate the achievement of their loved ones. However, if you are still looking for more graduation ideas, Tassel Depot’s blog provides many more ways to tie Tassels Without Hassels® into your party!