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What Are High School Graduation Rates Around the World?

High School graduation rates around the world vary greatly not just from country to country but also even within a single country from one state or province to another. To help you understand what secondary school graduation rates by country look like, our team of graduation experts has created this overview of high school graduation rates across the world. Tassel Depot is committed to making every graduation experience perfect and understanding how many people are going through the same experience worldwide could help you prepare or maybe take a bit of the pressure off of yourself. 

What Are the United States Graduation Rates for Highschool?

The overall percentage of students who graduate high school in the United States is roughly 88%, which is a good number that has steadily grown over the years! But to fully understand the rates, you need a deeper understanding of what the picture looks like. Both Iowa and Kentucky tied for states with the highest high school graduation rates, both boasting about 94% graduation. Close behind them are Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas’ graduation rates which all clocked in at about 93%. These states rival the highest high school graduation rates around the world and should be proud of their commitment to academics. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Arizona and New Mexico, clocking in at about 75%. Unfortunately, the lowest percentage of students who graduate high school are in the District of Columbia, with a rate of about 69%.

What Is the Canadian High School Graduation Rate?

Canadian high schools are lagging behind the United States when it comes to people graduating high school, with their rate average being about 77%. The worst high school graduation rates in Canada are found in Quebec. The dropout rate in Quebec is an issue that the school system is trying hard to correct. The graduation rates in Canada are in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, which are tied at about 84%. Although better than most high school graduation rates in other parts of the world, Canada lags behind other countries of similar socioeconomic standing.

What Are the Highest Average Highschool Graduation Rates Around the World? 

The percentage of students who graduate high school fluctuates from country to country, but who are the world leaders in graduation?  South Korea boasts an astonishing 99% graduation rate! The next in line is Georgia with 96%, followed by Japan and Croatia, who tied at roughly 95% each. These countries value education like no other, and the results speak for themselves.

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