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Tips For How to Give a College Graduation Speech During Graduation Dinner

Tips for a Great College Graduation Speech

As a leading supplier of graduation accessories and items, we know a few things about what makes a college graduation speech great. While some schools choose to have a student or two follow the commencement speaker, most students will not be speaking during their graduation ceremony. While you may not be speaking at your commencement ceremony, there is a strong chance you will make a thank you speech in front of a few, or a lot, of friends and family during your graduation celebrations. This is not so much an article on how to write a college graduation speech for school, but rather some pointers on how to thank your loved ones. 

Why Give a Speech During Dinner?

While you may not be asked to give a college graduation dinner speech or toast during your celebratory dinner or party, we feel it is always a good idea. Whether your friends and family helped you monetarily, emotionally, or in another way, they most likely helped and supported you to reach your academic goals. This is a great opportunity to show how thankful you are and demonstrate your appreciation. 

Tips for Writing a Graduation Speech

As a rule of thumb, good college graduation speeches by students should follow a few general guidelines. 

Have a Clear Message 

Having a clear message helps a speech have direction and make a meaningful impact. Most likely, this will be a message of thanks.

Humor Never Hurts

Adding a few of your family’s inside jokes is always a great addition to a college graduation speech. This lightens the mood, makes your listeners happy, and has the bonus effect of making you feel more relaxed while talking. 

Be Short and Sweet

We’ve all seen a speech drag on too long. It’s reminiscent of a long boring lecture, where you tune out and wish for it to end. A thank you speech shouldn’t be too long; it needs only a few small jokes, succinct points, and an ending with a heartfelt thank you. 

Graduation Accessories and More

Now that you’ve started working on your college graduation speech, it may be time to start thinking about what you will be wearing to your commencement ceremony. As an exciting and memorable time, we have any items you may need. We offer customizable stoles of gratitude, graduation tassels, and honor cords, to name a few. All of our items are available for purchase in personal quantities and bulk orders.

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