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Make the gift wrapping around gift boxes just as beautiful as the items you’ve placed inside this holiday season by using special touches from Tassel Depot. We have been providing American-made, high-quality products since 1864, so what better way to spruce up this year’s holiday presents than with an attractive tassel tie or dazzling pre-tied elastic bow. After all, presents do add to your home’s holiday decorations, so why not make them irresistibly eye-catching?

Tassel Ties – Available in 25 different vibrant colors in different lengths, tassel ties are the perfect addition to a special present enveloped in cheerful holiday giftwrapping. For $40.00, you will receive a bundle of 100 separate tassel ties in your selected color. These tassel ties are a great idea for holiday gift wrapping if you have numerous presents to brilliantly wrap, or if you are attempting to tie a theme together for several different pieces.

Pre-tied Elastic – Gift wrapping has never been easier than with the use of our pre-tied elastic bows during the holidays. Available in bundles of 100 in silver or gold and in five different sizes, pre-tied elastic bows can be used with virtually any holiday gift wrapping idea. Don’t waste time tying expensive holiday bows to packages this Christmas. Make your presents pop with our pre-tied elastic bows that will make a statement among your holiday giftwrapping, while leaving you more time for shopping and other seasonal activities.