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Fun Back-To-School Gear with Bookmark Tassels and Tassel Charms!

It’s back to school time, and everyone is excited about cool gear for the new year. What can school possibly have to do with tassels? How about customizing tassel charms and bookmark tassels?

Bookmark Tassels

For all you readers out there - to help you stay organized and on task for class, bookmark tassels are the perfect aid for this school year. On our website, you’ll find an assortment of different color tassels that will not only last you your entire school career but will look great too. As a bonus and for little motivation to keep you on track, we have bookmark tassels with your graduation year - just so you have a daily reminder of what you’re working for. From your favorite color to your school’s colors, you’ll find the perfect mix of flash to stand out while staying focused this school year.

Tassel Charms

Don’t sell yourself short. Bookmark tassels are not the only accessory you need for a great year. Check out the tassel charms we offer to customize all your school supplies. No matter what school you go to, we offer charm customization so you can personalize your charm to show off your school spirit. Whether you’re a Gator, Seminole, Longhorn, or Viking, we have the tools necessary to turn any ordinary backpack or computer case into that personalized bag you always wanted.

For any questions regarding customization of our products visit our website or call 954-698-0000 to personalize your school products now.