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American School Uniforms Explained

American School Uniforms Explained

American school uniforms are a subject of much debate in the United States. Uniforms are implemented in the grand majority of private educational institutions, and even some public school uniform policies have been adopted by the very same school systems which famously did not include them before.  Unfortunately, the picture is getting more and more complicated, and both students and parents alike are confused by the standards and are left wondering both what schools have school uniforms and why? The team at Tassel Depot has investigated the subject and found that the answers are not as straightforward as they seem.

Do American Schools Have Uniforms?

The general rule of thumb in times past was that private schools had uniforms and public schools did not, times have changed, however, and many private schools no longer require uniforms while Public US school uniforms have become more popular.  Roughly three-quarters of private and one in five public schools have uniform policies, while nearly all have some form of dress code instead of a standard school uniform. In short, most private schools do have American private school uniforms, and an equal majority of public schools do not require such a uniform in the public education system. It is more important than ever for parents and students alike to do their own research into the specific school they are hoping to get into, to be sure as to what the particular policy is for that school.

Should Uniforms Be Mandatory? 

Schools aren’t adopting the American school uniform trend for fashion. Instead, there is careful thought put into the policy that does appear to have some significant benefits for the students. Proponents of the rule claim that the main reason behind the change is to ensure student safety, and there is evidence to back this claim. By having a mandatory uniform, schools can be more sure that every person in the building is a student at the school. That can be an issue in larger schools where teachers and faculty may not recognize a non-student trespasser who comes onto the premises.  Some students, however, have made the case that requiring uniforms infringes on their free speech and supports conformity. Opinions vary from person to person, but there are undoubtedly claims that could be made for both sides alike. 

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